Biz based in Canada, 90% business in US. Can I setup Shopify US, with fulfillment in US

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I'm a sole business proprietor based in Canada.  I sell mainly art branded material I design myself. 90% of my clientele is in the US. Do I setup a Shopify US store that will pay me in USD?  Also does it matter if all my products are sourced, manufactured and shipped from the US?


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I don't think it matters because your Shopify store is basically your online store front, you can sell to customers all over the world.


I would think it makes sense then to set up the store then in whatever country you have your business and bank account registered.


Tax law is likely different if your business is based in Canada vs the US, so if you are thinking of setting up in the US I would consult with a tax professional to see what implications that has.


Shopify has some info on it here: Sounds like if you want your business to be US based you'd need a US tax ID. Not sure though, tax consultant would be able to advise the details on your specific situation.


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