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Blogs in multiple languages on different domains (the right way))

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Hi all,

What I want: 

My blog posts translated in different languages on specific domains. So now I have all my blogs on my Dutch website. Example: And I want to translate my blogs on,, etc. (Mostly for affiliate marketing purposes. I won't sell in those countries right away: first affiliate marketing). 

Now I use a translation app, but that is absolutely noy helpful. The app creates cononical tags for all translated blogs and that means there is zero SEO-value. 

It is important that the blogs get a lang-ref in the metadata. 

It really looks like there is no convenient way in Shopify to do this.

  1. A translation app is horrible: it changes the content all the time and it is not indexible for Google.
  2. Creating a new shopify account for the specific language is also not optimal. It makes it hard and expensive to connect the lang-ref (there are apps for that) and if ever you want to sell your products in different countries, you will have to manually add/edit every product.

What would be a great way to manage this? I can imagine that there must be a way to centralize all content management with an external system like Channible. 

I really hope you guys can help out. Thanks! 




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