Can a Canadian online store sell exclusively to the US?

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Hi, I'm setting up a store that will be selling pet supplies. I'm in Canada, but I would like to sell only to the United States (for now). Is that possible, to operate a business where I don't actually sell in my own country? I'm new to this and really don't know the laws or tax regulations etc, and I have no idea if an online business is able to do that. The vast majority of my products are from Dser AliExpress (shipping from China), with only a couple from Spocket (shipping from US). It's my preference to only have 1 currency (US$) and only sell/ship to one country (US), until I get more experience and that it feels less overwhelming 🙂  Then I would like to add more countries, Canada of course, and other currencies etc. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated thank you!

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