Can a return address serve as US proof for a Canadian company?

Can a return address serve as US proof for a Canadian company?

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We are a Canadian-based company selling in Canada and the USA. We have both a US and Canadian Shopify store for each country. Shopify US has asked us for proof of address in the US. We have an address in the US for returns but ship everything from Canada. We can not provide

Proof of address

Utility bill (e.g. water, electricity, or gas bill from the past 3 months), lease agreement (dated) or property insurance (dated)

Can we provide just proof of our Return address in the US to continue using Shopify payment in US funds?


Any information would be very helpful.




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Hi @dbas 

Check these two posts answered by Shopify staff:

If the business owner is based outside of the United States, but their business is located in the United States then we may be able to provide Shopify Payments. To have this reviewed the account owner would need to provide all of the following documents: 

  • Government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc. - non-US ID may be accepted)
  • A Tax ID in the United States:
    1. EIN if you are an LLC/Corp
    2. SSN you are a Sole Proprietor
  • Business registration document (Registered in the US with the government)
  • Proof that the business is actually operating from the US. This can include tracking showing you are shipping from the US or proof of a physical US address (not a forwarding address).
  • A USD checking account, opened with a real US banking institution, located on US soil. Virtual banks and currency services will not work for this, it has to be a real US bank

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What if we have a registered agent in us and sell through Amazon. Is the registered agents address acceptable ? Amazon stores all our inventory and manages returns through their FBA program.