Can an app provide international duties, taxes, and VAT information during shopping?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if Shopify (or an app) has the ability to provide duties, tax and VAT information throughout the shopping experience to inform customers of what to expect when buying or selling goods cross-boarder?

Reason I ask is I recently attempted to purchase a product from Italy to UK, and had no idea what the total 'landed cost' would be, and it put me off buying.

For example, buying products from an EU country (or US, I assume) to the UK - duties and taxes state you can spend up to 135 GBP and not incur any duty on your order. VAT is 20% and due on any order at point of sale.

If you spend above £135, current rules state that duty is applicable and depends on the item category (HS code) and also takes into account the shipping costs.

If this information was even calculated to inform customers of likely VAT, duty and import tax (not necessarily handle payments, but inform based on location and product) would anyone find this useful, or are there any solutions for this problem?

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