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Can B2B clothing manufacturers utilize Shopify effectively?

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Is it possible I can use shopify for B2b clothing manufacturing websites. I am a clothing manufacturer in India looking for overseas international buyers - my website is - I would like to know how shopify can assist for b2b clothing manufacturers in procuring buyers. As far as I know shopify is for B2c hence I want to know if there is anyway shopify can assist in b2b websites.




Karthik Shan
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There are many B2B sellers apply Shopify for their distributor business, all you need bear in mind is ad store to target clients instead of everyone. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent
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if its a larger site you can use shopify plus' b2b functionality Teaches Shopify and Solves Ecommerce Problems for Free. We Also Share Insight about E-commerce, Web, Tech, AI, Analytics, SEO, PPC, Marketing and More.