Can I customize 2 different language page depends on visitor's browser language?

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Dear Community,


As we aim to have two language versions (Traditional Chinese and English) for our store pages, we currently only have an English version. If someone opens the Chinese version, I don't want Shopify to directly use an app to translate the existing English content; instead, I want to "customize" different content in Chinese.


1. Could you please guide me on how to set up Chinese and English versions based on the visitor's browser language, rather than their location or country?
For example, if a customer's mobile language setting is Traditional Chinese, they should see the website in Chinese when they open it. On the other hand, if their mobile language setting is English, they should see the English version of the website. In other words, it's not related to the customer's location but rather to their mobile language setting.


I saw a discussion on the Shopify community regarding a similar issue, where they want to use bilingual content without adding a language selection option in the menu:



2. But i don't know where to customize an entirely new Chinese content (as I don't want to use an app to translate English). For example, my announcement bar is currently in English, but I want to customize an entirely new Chinese content like: 「 每月訂閱 —— 天天 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 」
How can I make sure that people with Chinese browser settings see the announcement bar in Chinese?







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