Can I legally dropship to the US from Denmark?

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I am currently running a store here in Denmark but I would love to start Dropshipping to the US.


I am bit lost on the legal stuff doing this. Do I have to have a company setup in the US if I am Dropshipping from China to the US when I’m based in Europe.

What are laws about sales taxes in the different states?


What about custom clearance from China to the US, is having an IOSS number enough?


Can I even legally start selling in the US from China under my Danish company?


I would love to hear from somebody who has done it before.

I appreciate it very much!



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@Tobiasmgronbek You have to form an LLC in USA on your Danish Details as a non usa resitent so you can continue doing dropshipping in USA from china. here are tutorials on how to form LLC (You can form LLC as a denmark resident) and Enable Shopify Payment so you can Continue.

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HI Tobias,


IOSS have nothing to do with suppling to the USA. IOSS is a scheme exiting only for EU . If you dropship from China, but you do not keep stock in the USA you do not need to form a company there. You may need to register for sales tax when and if you reach an economic nexus in any of the states , but that presumes (depending on the state- rules vary) 100K annual sales or 200 individual sales  or even 250 K sales  in a particular  state, - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.