Can I set independent pricing for different countries on one store?

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I am setting up my Shopify store and I came across a question.

I want to sell in United-States and in Canada. I want the USA shop to use USD as currency and Canada to use CAD.

Moreover, I want the products in both cases to be independently priced instead of using the exchange rate.

Could i set the price for a product to $100 USD for american customer and $100 CAD for canadian ignoring the 20-25% exchange rate.

Does this mean I have to start two Shopify shops? Or can this be done using one?


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Shopify store only show multiple currencies under the USD convert rates instead of 100 usd in USA, 100 CAD in CA, 100 EUR in Europe unless you register multiple domains for multiple stores.

In addition,  USD:CAD=1.24, the sam product cost sell to Canada higher than USA as the shipping, tax higher, that means the product price you plan to sell in CA at least 40% cheaper than USA while USA is even bigger market, that doesnt make sense at all. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent

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I have the same question. Did you ever find a solution beyond having two stores?