Can I use POS for an expansion market in Shopify Markets?

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@richbrown_staff @Ren - this may be a question you can help with given you are the Shopify Markets experts!


We currently have 2 different Shopify stores under Basic Plans (US, NZ) respectively. However, we are looking to consolidate this structure into 1 primary Shopify store (US) and then open NZ as an expansion market store under the primary US store using Shopify Markets.


For the US, we currently only sell online via the Shopify store. In NZ, we sell both online through the NZ store as well as in-person using Shopify POS for customer orders in our clinic.


My question is once we shut down the NZ shopify store, and then open NZ as an expansion market store under the primary store (US), can we continue to use POS for NZ as an expansion market and log in-person customer orders using Shopify Markets?




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Hey @therealAYB - we are working on supporting this in 2023. At the moment, POS can only transact in the currency of the store. So you cannot have a store with a base currency of USD that sells online in USD, and then transact in NZD on POS. This currently still requires separate stores.

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I'm looking into the same thing. We have two different stores (AU and US) and transact on POS in both of them. To maximise our ad impact, we want to combine these stores into one Shopify Plus store and use markets to service the two pricing strategies. But we need to have these two pricing strategies flow through into the POS for the correct markets. Is this possible?