Can multiple stores be managed under one Shopify Plus plan?

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Hello Shopify Community,

I am seeking clarity regarding the tariffication policy and costs involved in setting up and scaling stores on Shopify Plus. We have specific requirements that need addressing.

Key Requirements:

  1. B2C/B2B Pricing Structure (B2B and B2C): We need a store that offers both B2C and B2B pricing options. This means each product should be selectively visible or hidden in the B2B/B2C sections. B2B products with special prices should only be accessible to registered users marked as B2B customers, while B2C prices should be visible to all store visitors.

  2. Store Duplication: The customer intends to replicate their store across 5-10 distributors, a number that is expected to grow. These distributor stores should be clones of the main store but localized in the respective local languages. Each distributor must have their independent admin section for managing their store, including separate payment and order management systems.

Given these requirements, we have a few questions regarding the Shopify Plus package:


1. Feasibility under Shopify Plus:
We are particularly interested in understanding whether Shopify Plus allows for the creation and management of multiple stores under one subscription plan. Specifically:

1.1. Multiple Stores Management: Does Shopify Plus support the setup of several stores under a single tariff? If so, how does this work in terms of billing and management?? 

1.2. Individual Store Autonomy: Can each store under the one Shopify Plus tariff umbrella have its independent admin panel, unique stock management, payment systems, and shipping apps?

These details are crucial for our planning, as we intend to manage multiple distributor stores with distinct operational needs while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

2. Limits on Copied Stores: What are the limitations on the number of copied stores under one Shopify Plus subscription?

3. Shopify Advanced vs. Shopify Plus: We heard that Shopify Advanced might be an option. However, does Shopify Plus offer an 'Advanced' option too? As far as we know, the Shopify Advanced tariff does not support B2B functionality.



Best Regards,

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