Can't edit the standard email templates in other languages

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Hi there,

I'm new to Shopify and got a problem, I can't seem to change the emails in other languages, let me explain.
So when you go to your Notifications in your settings you have a wide variety of emails you can change.
When you click on for example the 'Order confirmation' template you can edit the source code of the email, I made a custom email and everything works fine here.
I sell my products internationally, so I have a few languages (French, German Dutch). 

Screen capture.png       Screen capture 1.png

Now here's the problem, the emails in the other languages are still the standard Shopify emails and can't seem to change it to the new design.
When I click on 'Preview' the custom email is shown but when I change it to for example German the standard email is shown (see images above).

I can't find a way to change these emails in other languages aswell, hoping you people could help me out 🙂


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Did you ever find a solution? My store is in French and I have the same issue and don't know how to solve it.

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We have the same, and would like a solution.

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My store is in English & French. I also had the same problem. I use the app LangShop to make translation changes. It worked when I tried to edit the notifications templates directly using this app.