Cannot import translations

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Hello, i've add new language to my store, then i export translations to CSV file, but after that everything gone wrong. If i upload exported file (even without changes), i've got an error:


The translations CSV file that you started importing at September 5, 2022, 12:00 pm is now complete.
Successfully imported: 43


To import translations that couldn't be updated, fix any errors in the CSV file and try importing it again.

Skipped: 124

But there is no any description what i did wrong, i've check file encoding, it is UTF-8 without BOM, i using webstorm for file editing, i fill translated column with values from default column and still got an error when i trying to import it.


Can anyone get me hint what should i check or do to fix it?


Example translations file in attach. Thank you!

P.S. maybe it is possible to get some extended error description via email or in store's settings \ logs?

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