Charge Different Price Based on Country (Multi Country Pricing)

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Hi there, I am looking to try to charge a different price in the US vs. Canada - that way we can offer free shipping for $50, rather than $150 and over in the US. Not a simple currency exchange in this example, let's say I sell a product for $100 CAD in Canada, I would like to sell that for $120 CAD in the US (to absorb our $20 shipping cost).

We also need the SKUs/inventory to continue tracking properly as we use Stocky Inventory Management, and the app we found that could do what we wanted, does not integrate with this. (this is the app:

Another potential solution is increasing prices in US and Canada ("online store" as a whole) but keeping the prices unchanged in the "POS locations". That is the main reason we are trying to separate these two things - we want to make sure our local customers don't need to pay higher prices for our online store to thrive.
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I'm not sure there will be a way to solve your problem. However, you can try app named Transcy to fix the currency issues. This app can help you to convert the currency of your store into the local currency of your customers. It also has free plan, may help!