Charity clothing brand international expansion

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I run a charity clothing brand called EndMND, that aims to fight Motor Neurone Disease by donating 100% of our profits to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.




We're looking to expand internationally, currently to Spain and the US. We use print-on-demand company Gelato to fulfill orders.


The products will be the same for the US, as they feature text about Motor Neurone Disease. However, obviously Spain is a seperate language so we'll need to offer different products there. 


I've had a look at how to change the website and product offerings based on the country a customers from, but I'm not a Shopify expert and struggled, especially with the coding side.


Would anyone be interested in either guiding me on how to do this, or coming onboard with EndMND as an intern?


Please note, because of the charity nature of EndMND, we have a very limited budget for this service.


Thank you,



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