Checkout Currency for Different Countries

Checkout Currency for Different Countries

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Hello Shopify community,


Our team is currently facing a dilemma and we would like to get some input from you on how we should proceed.


We're a Ukrainian handmade fashion brand that specializes in designing and selling women's clothing and accessories. At the beginning of last year due to war, we've decided to ditch Ukrainian market for a while and focus on selling our products to the U.S. via the English-based website with USD as the main currency.


Now that the life slowly returns to Ukraine, we're interested in allocating some of our resources to the domestic market to see whether it's worth it to work here at this stage.


The problem is that due to the inability to change the currency during the checkout from USD to Ukrainian currency we're more than likely to lose a significant portion of potential domestic customers due to the constant fluctuation of the exchange rate.


There are two straightforward ways to solve it. Either get Shopify Plus and get the opportunity to edit checkouts or opt for Shopify Payments. The problem is that the former is too expensive in our case while the latter is not available in Ukraine, making it impossible to set different currencies to different regions at the checkout.


The more time consuming option is to simply create a separate website with Ukrainian currency as the main currency. We're currently leaning in this direction as it appears that there are no other alternatives for our case at this stage, even though it means that we're constantly going to be required to update the products, content and site designs two times on the English and Ukrainian websites.


Is this the only option that we have or is there any other alternative like linking two Shopify stores together with one being the main store while the other is somehow attached via a subdomain?


We would be interested to learn about the potential ways on how to solve this dilema.


Thanks in advance,


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