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We are a UK based company however we have recently expanded to Europe and Worldwide. Due to the value of our products, it is easier for us to not collect VAT tax & duties which works fine however we need to display a clear message to these customers that they may be liable to pay import VAT/Tax & duties when the courier delivers their order. 


I can see how to add a custom message to the cart however this will display to all customers including the UK which causes confusion. Is there a way to create a custom message that is only displayed to non UK customers or at the very least, customers who are not paying in £?


Thank you in advance, Joe

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Hi @Aerotion,


Great question and congrats on expanding your business outside of the UK! 


I'm not proficient in code personally so I can't comment more on if this is possible or not, but it would be very custom none the less. Because of how custom this would be, I would advise reaching out to a Shopify Expert about achieving this. 


There are some possible workarounds I can think of which aren't as technical though. While probably not ideal or what you're looking for, you could state "(not inclusive/relevant for UK customers)" in your messaging. 


Something else you could do is create an FAQ page for your store and have this as one of the primary points. Outside of that, it would be editing or manipulating the code to get the desired result. 


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Hello @Aerotion ,

You have to make a call to third party API to check from which country customer is accessing the store. 
Once you get the county code then have to write the further script. 
like: If detected county code is UK show this message else show other message. 


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Try GEMPAGES a great app with drag and drop features to design landing/product/individual pages.
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Solution for shipping into EU: If this helps, we developed a different way to route and clear parcels into the EU from the UK. We can reverse EU VAT at cost to UK e-com businesses. You don’t need an IOSS number and customers never have any charges on delivery - it just gets delivered within a week, just like before Brexit. We have a Shopify App to create our labels from your Shopify platform.

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Hope this helps!