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I'm wanting to have different shipping rates for different markets. My store is a gift store, so the customer is always sending one of our products to a different recipient (i.e. not themselves). We're based in New Zealand and fulfil everything from NZ.


For those based in New Zealand - I have our base prices and then if a NZ customer is sending something to Australia then we charge the full cost for Australia shipping


For those based in Australia - I will set different prices for those in Australia (higher base prices to semi-subsidise the shipping. The shipping price will then be different (lower) for shipping to Australia than a NZ based customer sending to Australia as the Australia base price is semi-subsidising the Australia shipping cost.


Hopefully this makes sense - I know I can set different product prices for different markets, but the key question is whether I can set different shipping prices depending on which market the customer is in. 


The following might be a better way to explain what I'm trying to do:

  • An NZ based customer sending to a recipient in Australia - shipping costs $10
  • An Australia customer sending to a recipient in Australia - shipping costs $5

So different shipping costs to the same destination (in this case Australia) dependant on which market the customer is in. I can't figure out how to current do this!


Any help much appreciated!



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Hi @datomnz 


As far as I'm concerned, there's actually no method to set prices to your request. You can directly contact a Shopify agent via live chat here. Hopefully they can sort this out for you.