Do I have to open a store with international support?

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Sorry for basic question.
I want to open a store in USA to sell Electronics.  If I have my site on Shopify lets say on my domain  and UK/ India/ Australia visitor sees it, will it show cost/options for their currency? Who ships to them? I want to ship in USA only. Tax info and shipping cost needs to be collected from them matching reality too. Who does all? Shopify?

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Hi @DhavalShah 


You can use Market option in shopify, through that you can sell in any country of your choice. There will be the option so that you can set the pricing according to that country, i.e. if you want to sell in US then they will see the price in USD.


Who Ships to Them: Shopify is not responsible for shipping you need to connect to the supplier of your product or you need to find the supplier in that country who can ship your product, If you are talking about logistics then you need to connect with 3rd party app or for US shopify provide some default option you can try that as well.


Tax info and Shipping Cost: You need to set this up and shopify will charge accordingly i.e. if you have set that you want to charge X amount of tax then shopify will charge it and shipping cost will also be defined by you or if you want to use dynamic shipping then the 3rd party app that you will be using will show the cost according to your rules.


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Last thing - Do we know typically what % of Shopify stores are for one country only? Is it default?

Taxes - In USA - TaxJar/Avalara and all give tax information to collect.. Similarly USPS API gives shipping cost to collect.. how do we know that for UK/Canada/ Other countries.. I thought if I select Market as Canada then Shopify will find appropriate tax/shipping cost for me.. No?