Do I need to create a different site for US market?

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I'm currently looking at the logistics of having a new 3PL in the USA. 

We currently have a 3PL in the UK that covers all of our shipping. 
We're now looking to expand as a company, and we'd like to know whether we need a new subdomain/website for US orders.


What we would like to offer is -

  • Only some products to be available from our USA 3PL
  • All products to be available from our UK-based 3PL
  • USA customers default to the USA version of our site to see the cheaper shipping rates but do not get frustrated when certain products aren't available to them. 
  • If USA customers click through to our UK site, they can buy all products but will have to pay the higher shipping rates. 

Is this something Shopify can do natively? Or is Shopify Plus able to do this? 

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