Does a Ukrainian company trading in the EU need to pay VAT?

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Does a company registered in Ukraine need to pay VAT if it is engaged in trading activities within the European Union? If yes,how I how i can do it without registration in EU country? I don't have possibility to open company in EU country. 


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HI Denis,

The question is a bit wrong. All items that are delivered to EU are to be levied with VAT . There are 3 ways how it is done:

1.You can register in 27 EU countries for VAT and pay in every country (do not even try to do it) .

2. You can ship everything DDU and the end customer will pay VAT on arrival . For that you need no registration , but you customer will be required to pay additional customs clearance fees (2-15 EUR) depending on the last mile operator. 

3.  You can use IOSS VAT special scheme  for orders below 150 EUR , then you need only to register for the special scheme via a fiscal representative. Your buyer will not have to pay anything on arrival. Order over 150 EUR will still have to be shipped DDU  (with additional fees applied)


We can provide IOSS fiscal representation service with transaction based fees - so no sales to EU, no invoice.  Do visits us at  you can get modre information. - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.