Duplicate URLS in the Same Language, one set has /no

Duplicate URLS in the Same Language, one set has /no

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Hoping for some help with a problem we havent seen before -


A client of ours has their store default language set to Norwegian - theme default content, product information, text, ctas, is in norwegian. In December a member of their team added Translate and Adapt, and then added a second language (Norwegian) and then published the "second" language. So no the stores have their normal URLs and a now a duplicate set but with the added .com/no/ - 


How much of an impact would this have on the stores performance? How could this affect Google Merchant Center?

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Submitting product twice, if detected by Google will lead to an account suspension. I recommend you do not submit the same product twice, using the same language. As you stated second language Norwegian.


If the second language is English, that is not an issue.

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Hi there, a little confused by this. Default language was Norwegian but you added Norwegian? Was one of them Norwegian Bokmål (/nb) and one of them just Norwedian (/no)? We can't make specific comments on the effect of decision on SEO, but broadly search engines are looking for unique content so if the pages would say the same thing but with two different language locals you should likely unpublish the empty one.

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