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EU B2B/B2C sales. Set up tax rate by customer type (VIES and non-VIES registered B2B VAT IDs)

Shopify Partner
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Hello, I want to sell my products to Italian customers via my Shopify store (a store legally based in Poland and I ship from Poland). Given the required Polish tax regulations, I would need to charge Polish VAT to Italian business customers who have a VAT number but are not VIES registered. Therefore, I would need a solution that will allow identifying whether an Italian B2B client is VIES registered, and if is not registered, then apply Polish VAT rates (for each specific product). On the Shopify app store, there are only solutions that allow for that, deducting VAT rate on the cart page (Sufio, Exemptify, Tax Exempt Manager), but which are not able to fetch the correct VAT rate post-VAT validation. Practical example: a B2B Italian customer has a non-VIES registered VAT number; if the B2B customer tries to make a purchase, the default set-up logic will charge him with Italian VAT (which is wrong, since I should apply Polish VAT). On the other hand, I would also need to apply Italian VAT to Italian B2C customers (customers who do not add their VAT number). Do you know of any solution for that? Thanks!

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