Re: Exclude Product Variants from Certain Markets

Exclude Product Variants from Certain Markets

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Hi all, 


I sell framed art in Europe. For most countries I can ship all sizes, but for certain countries it's not possible to ship the biggest size. 


I know it's possible to exclude products from countries so people visiting from those countries don't see those products. But is this also possible with product variants? If so, please let me know how. 


I saw that @coleatkinson had a solution for this in this post:

Unfortunately, how to do it was not mentioned. 


I really hope y'all can help me with this as it would save lots of time rebuilding the store. Thanks in advance! 🙂

Kind regards, 

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It should be possible. You can create a new shipping profile for those product-variants, and then create shipping zones inside this profile which only includes the countries you ship too.

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Hi thanks for your reply. 

That's about shipping. I was thinking of the product variant not even showing up in the store front.


For example: People visiting from Italy can order Size S, M and L but not size XL. For these customer, it shouldn't be available as a product variant to choose from as well.


Is this what you meant?

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Hi! did you find a solution? The support suggested me to use the app Locksmith. I am trying to configure it but I have some issues in selecting the variants and I asked their support how to do it. But it's clearly stated that this app supports hiding variants based on the IP of the visitor.. 

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Haven't found a solution yet unfortunately. I chatted with the Shopify Advisor but she said it was impossible for now. 

They're putting it on their list of things to consider so we might get the feature in the future. 

For now, I suggest to make another productpage for the country that you're selling too so you can adjust it per product.