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Excluding international customers

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Hi there,


we would like to exclude any international customer as we have distributors in their markets. 

we can block them via shipping but would also like to block International billing addresses. Is that possible?


on that note we would also like to have an ‘international landing page’ as when someone tries to order from country X we direct them to that country’s distributor (as in the landing page would tell them please visit this link and our distributor in your country/region). 



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The best way is to block IP address, for example, if you target USA market, when Canada users visit there will be a popup window notice support USA shipping only, then direct to CA product site, it is better. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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Thanks so much for the suggestion... 

but HOW do I do that and it wouldn't BLOCK the customer but rather point them to the distributor.


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We are using the Geo:Pro Geolocation Redirects app for a similar case.

Only that we have 2 stores in different markets ourselves.