The Link Locator API from the API Developer Portal provides you with information on advertisers in the Rakuten Affiliate Network and allows you to download different types of creative directly from the advertisers whose programs you participate in.

There are two different feeds available:

  1. With the Advertiser Information Feed, you can receive information on advertisers in the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network—information such as advertiser name, category, offer name, and commission details—and use this to create and update a database.
  2. With the Advertiser Creative Feed, you can download various kinds of links directly from the advertisers you're partnered with. The links can be accessed based on the creative category advertisers place them into and on the types of creative advertisers offer: link, banner, DRM, and so on.

Link Locator is provided by the Rakuten Advertising API Developer Portal. You can learn about its methods, resources, parameters, and other details in the Documentation tab of the link API listing. You have the ability to test the Web Service in the Portal through the Try It tab. Please review the "Getting Started Guide" to understand the end-to-end process from creating an application to making an API request with your new access token. This along with other helpful resources can be found in the footer of the portal.