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Express checkout not working in Indian Rupees? (google pay / paypal)

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As the title suggests, when a user is based in India the store switches to Indian Rupees.  When checking out using express checkout (both google pay and paypal) do not work.  This is the error for Gpay:


Paypal is similar, just states that paypal is not available in selected currency.  This is strange, because even though paypal doesn't support rupees, I'm not aware of any non-support by google pay, and it's one of the most popular payment methods in India.

Shopify payments is working ok.  I have tested on various other currencies such as Indonesia, pakistan and they both work with Gpay / paypal.

Is there a bug with India for express checkout?

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I know I’m a bit to reply to this message but I am having the same problem. Did you find a solution to this problem? 

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Nope - no solution found