Feature Request: Integration of Taxamo assure into the checkout for UK companies selling to EU

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This is so important i need Taxamo too. 

I had contacted taxamo over the whole month of June. But i found that after i set up an account with them they did reply to me saying that i needed a developer.

We are VAT registered and have distributers in France who are also VAT registered but the IOSS is changing the filing from the quarterly to the monthly which my distributers do not want to be an intermediary for.

I am so shocked that Paypal, Stripe or Paypal themselves have not thought of an alternative to help their customers.

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Hi all,

A quick update on where we are up to.

Having the "Registration based Taxes" authorised gave me the correct settings for collecting tax on EU orders below 150EUR. I entered our IOSS number provided by CrossBorderIT and tested a few addresses in our drafts. The taxes appear to be being applied correctly. I will be attempting to upload a couple of orders to CBIT this morning. 

We have also realised that we can't continue to use the Post Office Drop and Go service as they have no way of processing IOSS post, so have had to set up Click and Drop with Royal Mail instead. 

It does feel like we are making progress!

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How do you add in reduced rated taxes for some EU countries. These will be country specific.

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I would be really surprised if this is the case for non Shopify Plus stores. (Adding Taxamo) Shopify are notorious for keeping their checkout "locked down" and when I spoke to PayPal about this a while back they weren't optimistic at all about it. Lots of options including Taxamo on Woo Commerce stores but as always, UK/EU stores always appear to be a sideshow to Shopify, I'm daily fielding emails from customers in Channel Islands or IOM being told that their postcode is not a UK postcode and they can't place an order.

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I've literally been banging my head against a brick wall trying to get this sorted. I didn't realise it wasn't actually possible yet!

I'm all signed up to Taxamo. Is there a way to use their services and manually entering the information until we get some sort of integration?

Thank you.

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Hi @LauraECY 

How has the exporting to Crossborderit gone? I am considering this option.


It seems the only potential solution for Taxamo is to pay a shopify expert to integrate it. I imagine this won't be cheap. 

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So far so good! There were some teething issues with the data upload and I
am hoping they will improve the guidance information as it is quite
The key thing is to make sure your Shopify store is set up for Registration
based taxes. There was a bit of confusion with Shopify Support when I asked
to set this up but we got there eventually.

Other considerations are how you send your parcels as I think I mentioned
the Post Office Drop and Go service does not support IOSS shipments. We
have moved to the Royal Mail Click and Drop service to ensure electronic
customs data can be included.

Our only other issue with the process is that we are manually creating
Commercial Invoices for each order. There will be ways to automate this but
we can't justify the outlay at this point.

Now we are just waiting to hear what happens when parcels enter the EU and
if any handling charges are applied!
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Hi @LauraECY 

Thank you for your quick response!

Okay, sounds pretty good so far.

I am already on Royal Mail Click and Drop but just doing pay as you go. Hopefully this won't be a problem.

I thought commercial invoices were optional but I will look into doing this as never done one before.

Seems like this is the only viable option for a brand new and very small business.

Thanks again and I hope it goes smoothly for you!


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Thanks for your updates, Laura. They have been very helpful! I have just uploaded our IOSS number from CBIT today and am on a 'chat' with Shopify at the moment to make sure that all is set up correctly. Having read your latest message, it looks as though we are going to have to change from Drop and Go, too! I will have to look into this now. Good luck, everyone!

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Hello Amanda,

I would very much like to support your Feature Request as it seems to be the only way to escape the Catch 22 of IOSS as a small e comm player selling from the UK to the EU.



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