Geolocation app and Domain redirection with Markets

Geolocation app and Domain redirection with Markets

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The primary market is the UK. Other markets have different currencies but they are on the same domain.


It seems that when the Market has the ‘Domains and languages > Market domains and subfolders’ option set to ‘Primary domain only’ you see the Geolocation app recommendation popup when you visit from another market.

When the ‘Market domains and subfolders’ option is set to Subfolders, the Geolocation popup doesn’t appear and you get redirected to the subfolder route.


Is it the correct behaviour?


We expect the geolocation popup to appear only for the EU customers on the first visit and we don’t expect the redirect.

For all other customers, we expect no geolocation popup and the correct currency to be set automatically.


How do different options in the ‘Market domains and subfolders’ settings affect the Geolocation app recommendation popup?

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Hi @ac16. For all of your markets that have a unique domain or subfolder and if you have automatic redirection turned on, customers will be automatically redirected. For example, if your primary market in the UK is and you have a USA market on, customers from the UK will be automatically redirected.


If both your US and UK market both exist on the same domain e.g., then redirection cannot occur since the URLs are the same, and the Geolocation prompt will appear.


Let me know if this answers your question!

Cole | Product @Shopify 
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