Geolocation app Shopify Markets and currencies help

Geolocation app Shopify Markets and currencies help

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We are an international seller using the full Shopify multi-currency checkout (ie we do not convert currencies at checkout - the customer checks out in their own currency)
We use the Shopify Markets folder substructure 
As directed by Shopify we initially installed their Geolocation app - I believe we have taken it out for the moment (im unsure if this is the correct thing to do btw)
Here is our issue:
Upon visiting our site we see the site being rendered twice. Once upon landing, and a second time as the customer is redirected to their correct county folder structure - and currency
The site does this every time a visitor returns. Their folder structure and hence currency is not being cached.
Its annoying to users, and not ideal for Google SERPS / lighthouse 
I want to fix this - how do we do it?

IS there a better geolocation and currency solution?

Do we actually need a currency app?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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I am sorry to disappoint you but geolocation app is probably the best thing that you have in Shopify for this, bearing in mind that you want to maintain multicurrency/multilanguage in Shopify.

But if you want to try something new  and see if that fits your purpose as alternative  I suggest that you can try using mirror stores with the help of any of the geo IP redirect apps  (for example this:    GeoIP Country Redirect - Redirect Visitors based on the Country. Geo Location | Shopify App Store). You can create a unique store for specific region and the buyer will land there based on the IP , the transfer to the mirror store happens seamlessly based on identified IP and the redirect rules you set in the app. It also gives you a possibility to have entirely different settings for pricing and taxation in your mirror store. The obvious shortcoming – you need to pay for another Shopify plan(s) for you mirror store(s). - the best EU and UK VAT complience app for Shopify - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.