Has anyone started integrating AI in their E-commerce store?

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For the last couple weeks, I've been inundated with claims of how it's going to become increasingly difficult to compete as an E-commerce store in the near future without integrating some level of AI across my customer journey flow or my workflows


These are the kind of claims I'm talking about:


- "AI isn't just some tech. It's your silent salesperson and best customer support agent. Use AI or Lose to AI.". - https://ai-ecommerce.framer.website/

- "Personalization is no longer a nice-to-have, now its a must-have" -  https://twitter.com/loshustle/status/1608934670166798336

- "AI will not replace you, people using AI will" - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ai-replace-you-people-using-christopher-losee/


But has anyone actually began integrating AI?

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Hey @kaliq_i, agree with the sentiment in those links you shared. AI is already here to stay and is already changing eCommerce/Shopify. Customer Support is probably the most obvious area where it can help. Most eCom stores have the same types of queries again and again; most of which involve the customer team inserting the same link to the knowledgebase or answer snippet.


AI can help to free up customer support teams from routine queries, so that they can focus on more complex customer queries or provide a superior level of service to VIP customers.


In particular, AI can help:

  • Classify incoming customer queries; interpreting the query and the customer's sentiment, which really helps the customer support team to prioritize and inform responses
  • Provide summaries of long/complex queries and conversations, so that support teams can save time every time they touch a new message in a convesration
  • Suggest well-structured personalized answers to queries, so that support teams can reduce response times
  • Automatically respond to routine queries and escalate complex queries, this is especially relevant out of hours, since we know that's when many customers are active

There are probably lots of other use cases, but these are definitely already being deployed.