Having an error while setting up different shipping zones

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As you can see above in the picture I am trying to ship my product to the US and other countries too but it won't allow me to proceed with the checkout.

Its working only if I set up my own flat rate shipping but not working for carrier rates.

It worked before as many people placed their orders from US but all of a sudden it stopped working and only working for shipping in Canada.

Please help us guys ASAP as we are losing a lot of sales because of this problem.

Thank you

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I hope you would have solved the issue by now. If not, can you confirm the following for further detail about your setup?

  • Do you have more than one inventory location? If so, do you have the same shipping zones assigned to every location?
  • Do you have more than one shipping profile? If so, do you have the same zones set up in each shipping profile?

If so, these might be creating the issues with "Shipping not available".

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I am also having this exact same issue and I only have one profile and shipping location. All of my territories were shipping fine and now half of them don't work. It's very bizarre.