Help with International Return Labels

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I am hoping someone can help with return labels in Europe.


I have a small ecommerce store where I sell computer mice. They are built in the UK and I use a UK fulfillment center (James and James). No problems with outbound shipments to USA, Canada, EU and Norway. The problem is when I need a return label for a customer in the EU. I have a DHL and UPS account but my volumes are very low since my shipments go out with my fulfillment vendor. James and James doesn't offer RMA labels for EU. Thus, return labels are quoted at $70-$80 per return (an obvious problem). There are a ton of apps that help with returns, but I have not found one yet that let's me link my orders and leverage their carrier account for EU returns. Shippo does an amazing job for the US, but doesn't have an EU carrier solution (yet). 

Here are the apps I have looked into without any success:






... and others


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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