How can changing company address affect my ecommerce brand?

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Hello all,


I am an investor in and help operate a fast growing ecommerce brand. We use Shopify Plus.


We are using USD globally for our store because where the headquarters is, there is no support for Shop Pay. I want/need to us EUR for Europe, CAD for Canada, etc, but I cannot do international pricing because I don't have Shop Pay. 


My company, is based in a country that has Shop Pay. We could change the company address to mine, and I can write a legal document between the companies to formally share an address.


Are there any problems that can be created? 

- I know that this changes what shipping options will show. This doesn't matter for us as we have our own 3PL and export orders to them every day. Those options aren't available to customers.


Is there something else I am missing?

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