How can I adjust pricing for UK customers due to VAT differences?

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We're a small company in Italy trying to set up a shop and selling products internationally. Setting up taxes for EU seems easy, but that's not the case with UK.

All our products are more than 135£, so there's no need to collect VAT at the point of sale, as VAT and duties will be paid at the time of delivery. For that reason, we want to lower our prices for UK in particular, but can't find a way to do that.

So, for example, if the product costs  €200 and it's ordered in EU, it'll be €164 + 22% = €200 (our prices include VAT)

If the same product is ordered in UK, they will still pay €200, even though they will have to pay tax on it later.

Is there a way to make the price for UK without 20% VAT which they will have to pay later?

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I want to know this as well.