How can I auto change language by country in my online store?

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Hi i have in my store 2 languages. The default is greek and secondary english. I want whoever connects from Greece to do it in Greek and all other countries to be in English. How can I do it for free?



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Hi @tselehub in Settings > Markets, assuming your primary market is Greece, set the default language for Greece in > Languages and domains to being Greek (which it likely will be already if Greek is your default language).


Then, for your International market, you'll want to set the default language as English. To do that, go to Languages and domains and 'Manage domains' in the top right. This is where you manage the URL strategy. For a market to have a different default language to the primary market, it has to use either subfolders or a separate domain / subdomain. So for example pick subfolders, and you'll need to decide a suffix, for example int - so your URL would be something like


Save, then on the Languages and domains page, set the default language for your International market to English.

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