How can I boost my e-commerce sales in Europe?

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Hello! We have a successful e-commerce shopify .com site here in the USA, we also have a (less successful) .de site for German customers. We have 3pl fulfillment centers established and running in the USA, UK, and the EU for our customers. However, our European sales are dismal compared to the USA and we are struggling to grow in this market. Can anyone help me to know the best steps to increase sales/presence in Europe at this stage of our journey? Thank you!!! 🙂

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From what we see as an EU VAT compliance solution provider, first thing to do is go multichannel. Shopify - yes, this Shopify! - made a study I think end of last year. /beginning of this year and found that going multichannel increases your sales by 190%!

Not knowing your product range / branded or not, but I am sure you know what is suitable for you and choose the right channel. For example Zalando for branded, etc. 


Again not knowing your website / operating model, you should allow sales to ALL EU countries. Check if you are allowing for deliveries and make changes if you are not. After that you will see where your goods have a natural demand and focus there. For the full EU VAT compliance (and the multichannel compliance) we are here to help at EAS Project (


Nothing new probably, more showing my support for your efforts! Good luck!

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I know you probably have set up ad campaigns, retargeting and re-marketing to crack that market. So I'm going to move away from stating the usual and suggest trying word of mouth marketing in some form - it can be referrals through existing customers, collaborating with affiliates and influencers, or getting your brand mentioned on websites/ blogs that your particular target audience segment tends to rely on for information before making purchases. Maybe this article here will help you look into this tactic. 

Vanhishikha Bhargava