How can I change my drop shipping region on Shopify?

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Hello - i am new to dropshipping and completely messed it all up.... well maybe not so much 


I am a resident of Dubai and set up my store with UAE as home country. I added a lot of products from Ali express - you can see here -  - but i soon realized that no one was buying in the UAE because most of the stores here offer next day deleivery so no one is going to wait the 3 weeks to receive a product. 


So i thought instead of closing the store maybe i could selling the same products in Europe - but since my store is UAE registered - Shopify does not let me add suppliers from Europe or US or any of that and i am not sure how to change that or add new shipping rates and zone...... is there anyway we can save my store, can anyone help guide me to get a succesful drop shipping store?



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