How can I change my primary market and currency on my e-commerce site?

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Hi everyone,


I am reaching out because I need assistance in order to change my primary market as well as my primary currency. Please find below some details regarding my problem.


I'd like to change my primary market from France to UK & my primary currency from EUR to GBP.


As showed below, I have properly set-up my shipping zones to UK & linked my products to this zone






Nevertheless, when I go to the primary market section, I am unable to switch France & UK. France seems to be the only primary market allowed and there is no option to delete it or to pick a new country.






At this point I'm not sure how to proceed. Could you please let me know if you have any idea?






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You have to change location settings  at the store level and change registration to UK from France. Then go to store currency and assign the store currency (GBP) via Shopify payments settings. You have to have the managment rights to do so. It will help your problem.  



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