How can I direct orders to the correct 3PL based on shipping location?

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With Brexit, we're now opening up a new logistics hub with a 3PL company in Germany (the original one was in the UK, happily shipping across the channel until this year). So we now have a UK logistics will send to UK (and RotW), Germany to EU. 

With the new international pricing, I can set the pricing to be correct for each country and with shipping locations I can get the shipping price to be correct. The stock is also setup correctly, so you can only buy what's in stock in the UK warehouse in the UK. 

However, the 3PLs are different companies that both have plugins to Shopify which automatically get every order. Germany gets every order and tries to ship to the UK automatically, UK tries to ship to the EU. We'll have to manually cancel each one. 

Is there an app, a setting, or something I'm missing to fix this so, if an order is for the UK, with this shipping location, go to our UK 3PL partner? If it's for the EU, go to the German warehouse? Literally, forward the logistics company only their orders to fulfil depending on shipping country. There must be something, but I can't find the right tool or search-term. 

At the moment, the only option I can see is to disconnect both from their plugin/app and manually send them each order?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there, have you found a solution to this ?

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Hi @MackJon ,

Yes, Order Fulfillment Guru has helped many clients solve this challenge, where the 3PL or warehouse cannot read orders by location (and thus reads all orders). Please check out the app and schedule a Zoom call so we can discuss the details of your integration.