How can I display different currencies based on visitor's location on my website?

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Hi everyone!

I am writing to you concerning my website, '' Our company is officially registered in Turkey, and we maintain a bank account in three different currencies: TRY, EUR, and USD. The password for the website is sense2023. We can't use Shopify Payment in Turkey. Some example brands in the Turkish market have addressed this issue by using subdomains. Companies like Siedres, Nackiye, PSCBrand seem to have adopted this approach. Should we also proceed in this way?


We are interested in implementing the following features on our online store:


1. Price entry for each item in the online store in three different currencies: TRY, EUR, and USD. Prices will be entered manually and displayed to visitors as entered. There will be no automatic conversion or modification based on exchange rates.


2. Displaying prices based on the visitor's location:
-Visitors from Turkey will see prices in TRY.
-Visitors from Europe will see prices in Euro.
-Visitors from the United States will see prices in USD.


Again, it's important to emphasize that prices will not be converted or modified by changing exchange rates. This approach aims to provide consistency and ensure customers feel secure with the displayed price levels.

I kindly request your guidance on how to implement the above features.


There are some examples which



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