How can I display only region-specific products on my international store?

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We have a website with a European warehouse and a USA warehouse. 


Our problem is, that we are displaying all our products on the site, even though only a few of them are avilable for our USA customers. 


We don't want to display products that are only available in the EU and not in the USA. Our USA page should only show the SKUs that are available in the the USA warehouse.

Is this possible to setup and control in shopify? 

Hope you can help. 



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Add a country selector and use tags to filter out the products for USA only. This will require some liquid coding knowledge.

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Hi @NewShapeDenmark,


As the other comment says, you can make changes in the code to handle this. Another option is to handle this via shipping methods. You can create different shipping profiles for your products, shipping zone and add the rates according to your requirement. For example, if you have a product A, and you don't want customers in Canada to buy that, you can create a shipping profile for product A, create a shipping zone as Canada and don't add any rates for this zone. By doing this, when a customer from Canada try to buy product A, there won't be any shipping methods displayed at checkout and a message will appear saying; "We don't offer shipping to Canada". Although this is not the exact way to handle this situation, I hope it might help you.

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