How can I effectively sell abroad from Poland in multiple languages and currencies?

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We run 2 stores in Poland in currency PLN.
We want to sell abroad in EUR currency and languages German. Czech, English. Shopify payments are not running in Poland.

As I read I can make new store in german and add EUR currency. But it will be also doubling the costs of shopify licences and apps, theme and so on. 
What is the best way to do this?

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Yes, it is quite easy to create a mirror for your Polish based store and use one of the apps for redirection, like the one below: 


Technically you would have to create a new account for the new store and as I remember you will have to pay all the app fees again. I suggest that you contact app developers they might allow to use the app for two or more stores in such a case (I have such experience) , but not all of them might be responsive for such a request.    

As an alternative - why would not you move your store to a German location? Then, with Makets set up properly, and payments in local currencies enabled you will be able to collect in zloty, czech krona and all other EU currencies . - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.