How can I generate a report of all HS codes for my products?

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We have entered all of our HS codes against around products. We need to provide a list of these codes to our shipping company so they can check against their listed of items they cannot ship. Is there a way to pull up a list/report on all of the HS codes we have as we have over 100 products and 400+ variants.

Thanks in advance!

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That is available in inventory export 


For automation you can script a solution using usemechanic to export custom CSV's; useful if you have some complicated system or business logic you need to apply to get specific sets of codes or do validation. 

Contact me with detail for pricing this type of solution. 


Or you can use spreadsheet apps matrixfy or ez-exporter 

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Hi @linzal ,

Report Pundit can fetch the HS code and Country/Region of origin for all products which are saved in your Shopify store.

Further, the reports can be exported instantly and can be scheduled to email ID, Google Drive, and FTP.

You can reach us at or contact our live chat support team for help in creating reports.
Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards

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If you dropship from China with local agents, you usually need to input the hs code in Shopify and allow the product access for agent to sync to their ERP system when they update orders from your store, thus you do not have to export and ask them to match one by one.

What if you cannot provide the hs code list, it doesnt matter at all, each shipping companies in China have staff to prepare the custom clearance file for your packages, they will help you input the hs code even you do not have one, and it usually have no problem at the customs clearance for the small dropshipping packages. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent