Re: Can you easily list Shopify products on Amazon UK seller central?

How can I list my products from Shopify to Amazon UK Seller Central?

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I can’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere? 

I want to list our Shopify products on Amazon UK seller central. Is there an easy way to do this or an app that can do this?


As we are using Amazon FBA, we don’t need a full syncing solution this is just for the initial copying all products and images to Amazon as a one off process.


Can anyone recommend the best way to do this (around 100 products.) 





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I don't have an exact solution for that but will share my thoughts (I used to manage a store for 7 years, we had a Shopify site + Amazon USA + Amazon UK + Amazon Germany).


After researching and working with Amazon consultant, we decided that it would be best for our Amazon listings to not be the same as our Shopify listings. Mainly because the customer is different, but also because of platform requirements and standards. For example, in Amazon the bullets are key, and should be formatted in a certain way (look at best sellers in Amazon to see what I mean). In Shopify, we have apps and custom coded blocks to show our products, benefits, etc. In Amazon they have templated sections you can upload but control is limited.


So here's what we did, that I'd recommend considering to maximize your conversation rate on both platforms:

1. Tag all Shopify products that you will be putting on Amazon

2. Export those to csv

3. Download the Amazon csv template for uploading products in bulk

4. Paste the basic info from the Shopify csv to Amazon csv

5. Fill in the Amazon details, descriptions, etc

6. Set the Amazon products live, analyze the listing, adjust it accordingly


I recommend trying 1 product per category (Amazon csv template) at a time to make sure you have it looking good, then do the bulk upload for the rest of the products.


Benefit is listings that are dialed in and convert higher. Cost is a more time upfront to setup.

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