How can I sell internationally from China using an online platform?

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I am in China and I do export of goods general goods base on customer requests. I just opened my Spotify account and I want to sell international. any advice for me?

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You are literally in the hub of all things exportation–goodies and products and all. My main advice for you is to start studying what products you find most profitable in terms of competition and setting up a partnership with a local / international courier ASAP where you have both have established a set rate for a pre-determined volume range of items being sent. Best of luck!

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As mentioned by the previous poster, your location to sell internationally is great. What will hugely dictate your way forward is what goods exactly you wish to sell.

List of things to consider before crossing borders:

What is the demand for the products you sell?
Which areas would you like to work together the most? Local language, currencies, payment methods - all of these have to be looked into when planning to sell internationally.
Which carriers would you partner up with? What are their usual delivery times in the destinations you want to ship to?
What laws and rules do you have to follow when crossing borders?

These are only a few things to think of before starting your international business. But the key really is to find a good product with a wide customer base.


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What type of products do you want to sell?