How can I sell internationally using only USD on my online store?

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I am a bit confused on how the markets work with currencies. My store is based in US but we do offer to ship internationally. I added markets in the settings section:


Which I'm guessing is the reason for the country drop downs:


I want to have my currency only in USD so I can remove the dropdown but it automatically will ask the user if they want to change their currency based on geolocation. If I try to remove these markets from settings, then it tells me that I won't be able to sell to them.


How can I keep my store only in USD but still sell to these markets?


My store:

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One way to keep your store only in USD but still sell to other markets is to use a payment processor that supports multiple currencies. This way, customers from other countries can pay in their local currency, but you will receive payment in USD. Additionally, you can display prices in USD and show an estimated conversion rate for other currencies, so customers can easily understand the cost in their local currency.How to delete archived emails in Gmail