How can I set up a multilingual website on my domain?

How can I set up a multilingual website on my domain?

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Hello! I have a question on how to make my swedish site work in a multilang setup. This is probably more guidance than technical help but that we'll find out. 

My site should be setup like this:
Swedish (PRIMARY)


X (Secondary)


As i want multiple languages, and our primary is a minority, it would seem most logical to go with as my homepage for everyone who is not determinable locationwise.

So, is our homepage and our primary. All new content added will be added in swedish and translated to other languages. 
If a norwegian user comes in, they should be redirected to and if an english speaking comes in > or something like that. 

As Shopify support just told me, this is hard. It will have to be done manually. 

The only solution that is built-in for my situation is to use as my primary swedish language and use for a norwegian visitor. 
This is not super in a international way but it would definitevly work. 

Any ideas or input?

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Hey @andlin02 , good news - this is actually not hard. It's done with the domains and languages page on relevant markets. What is hard in the support tickets is for on its own to not work / just redirect - like in the Polestar example. And I don't think it's worth it.


Having read your case, I'd recommend setting your primary market default language as English, so that is English. Go to Settings > Markets > Primary market (Sweden) > Languages and domain. This makes it so if I'm browsing in Swedish will be directed (via hreflangs or the Geolocation app) to, in Norwegian I'll be directed to


Making purely redirect would require you adding redirects manually, and it creates complexity where you likely don't need it.


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