How can I set up multiple language versions for my ecommerce chat box?

How can I set up multiple language versions for my ecommerce chat box?

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I would like to have multiple language versions of Shopify Inbox depending which language/region the customer has selected. 


A German customer should see Shopify Inbox in German.

An American customer should see Shopify Inbox in English. 



We are planning to implement multiple language versions of our Shopify website soon and are wondering how to adapt the Shopify Inbox app to correspond with the selected language setting.


Is there a way to achieve that or should I consider checking other Apps?


It seems quite essential to have for any international Shopify store because you cannot have your website in one language and your chat box in another. 

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Hey @Debacq , we'd definitely love to see this too. Not yet possible but I'll pass your request onto the relevant team.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Same. My team would absolutely need this because we have a multinational store. We're looking to make a custom script but it's over-engineering something that should be a default customization from the app.

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We have the same issue. We need to translate the Inbox App Chat Messages.

We are using already the Translate & Adapt App from Shopify.


That should be an Essential. Multilingual Option for Inbox App

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Any news on this? Because this is actually a really important feature.