How can I set up shipping from Russia to the USA?

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Hello Shopify. We would like to make shipping fro Russia to USA, but unfortunately there are no services which can help us with that issue. It would be great if you will be able to create one

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I hope you are looking for different carriers that help you ship from Russia to the US. To do international shipping right, you’ll need a strategy that works for you and your business. You don’t need to know everything about shipping, but you do need to understand the available options and find an approach that will work again and again.
You’ll first need to identify From Russia to the USA which shipping carriers are giving options for shipping.
UPS and FedEx are both shipping carriers that are giving options to shipping from Russia to the USA. you can choose between them or if you want you can choose both the shipping carriers.
You can use a rate calculator for UPS and FedEx to know the best shipping price, shipping options available. And from the address, you are shipping your product and the destination address where this product gets shipped you have to mention. Then you will be aware shipping carriers are shipping from the address or not and also the destination address they can 

You can check the UPS rate calculator from the below link
You can check the FedEx rate calculator from the below link 

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You can also try to get an account with DHL Express.
They do ship from Russia to the USA and every where else!

Looking at DHL capability tool, I can confirm they provide rates between Russia and the USA.